How can Moment support ISO certification for your company?

Information about how you can use Moment as a tool to support ISO certification in your company

We are committed to follow the principles of ISO 9001 "Requirements for quality assurance system". This means that Moment, as a tool, will help you meet the requirements of your quality system. Here are the general principles from ISO 9001:

  1. Customer focus

  2. Leadership (quality policy)

  3. Involvement of people

  4. Continual improvement

  5. Factual approach to decision making

  6. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

  7. Process approach

Furthermore, we pick specific areas that support the principles mentioned above.

Chapters 6, 7, 9 and 10 of ISO 9001: 2015

  • General: Moment can be used as a tool to identify requirements:

    • In Moment you can create checklists (create new ones or choose from templates) for each project.

    • The checklists have the option of peer control, show logs and meet traceability requirements.

    • You can break up the project's activities to a detailed task level (that can include checklists). Each assignment can have allocated persons, responsible person, time use, estimate and documentation.

  • General: Enter routines in Moment to ensure that all employees receive important information for areas they work daily.

    • Routines are created at company level, and can be included per project or all the way down to task level. If a routine is linked to a task, the content of the routine will be displayed as a read version in advance of the task description.

    • All the company's routines are displayed as a read version on the employee's my pages.

    • Routines can be structured with tags in Moment.

    • The quality manager can send a notification to all employees by changing the content of the routine.

    • Moment supports version control of routines in addition to general change logs. Choose when you want to create a new version, and previous versions will be read in their entirety.

  • 10.2 Deviations and corrective measures.

    • In Moment, you can register deviations per project, as well as receive a deviation report at company level across all projects.

    • Opportunity for good documentation per deviation, as well as the opportunity to create follow-up tasks to ensure that necessary measures are initiated.

    • Email notification to involved persons per deviation.

  • 10.3 & 9.1.2 Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. In Moment you have a customer and supplier register. For each project, you can evaluate your own project, customer and other participants. If you do this systematically over time, you will form a picture of which projects you succeed with, as well as which customers and suppliers you should collaborate with.

  • 8.4 Management of processes, products and services delivered from external: Ensure follow-up of external companies that have been added to the project through simple CRM functionality.

  • 6.1 Measures to take risk and opportunities into account: In Moment, you can define risk at company level, and include them in the project. You can create new risks per project. Per project, you see a diagram that illustrates risk based on "impact" and "probability".

  • 7.2 Competence. All projects in Moment have a team. We generate a competence template for each project, and you can embroider with text descriptions for role and responsibility.

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