Moment offers integrations in various ways, that be exports of files that can be imported in your local software, real time integrations using the API exposed by the system or import of files that are exported from your system. These are to mention a few ways to integrate an external system.

Integrations is a service that is helpful to automate many tasks that can be time-consuming. And, for us to be able to maintain a high level of quality integrations, we do charge a monthly fee for each integration that is enabled. This fee enables us to keep up developing new integrations and update current integrations when there are changes needed to be included.

More information about our prices can be found here.

If you are interested in getting more information about our integrations or help setting one up please contact Moment support or our integration development team.

Note! Setting up an integration is not a free service, check with support or the integration team about the cost for helping with configuration and setting up the integration you want. The description found in these pages should be enough for you to set up the integration on your own. In some cases you will need to contact the external system provider to get information from them.

Note! Some of the external systems we support do charge for usage. Normal usage of the integration is included, but where the amount of requests or amount of data results in a hight additional cost, these costs will be invoiced.

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