Routines are an essential part of the Quality Management module in Moment. These are general guidelines that specify how to perform specific assignments.

Routines need to be as general as possible and be a flexible guide that can be used by your co-workers in order to perform their tasks. Routines can and should be changed depending on the different situations that might arise, this means that they need to be periodically updated. Moment has a system in place for sending notifications to the relevant co-workers when this has been done.

Adding a new routine.

To add a new routine, go to Quality > Routines and click "new routine"

A new modal will appear, in here you can add the different components , descriptions and title of your routine:

In the top part of the routine, you will be required to enter a title. The version type of the routine is auto-generated and will by default be number one for the first version of a routine. The title is a required field, the routine number can be changed based on your own criteria.

Tags can also be added to the routine if deemed necessary.

The middle part of the modal shows the following:

Here you can write a description of the routine and its purpose. For example, in which type of tasks this specific routine will be used. You can either write a comprehensive instruction in the text editor itself or add it under "attachments". Here it is possible to upload different types of files including video files. Files uploaded will appear in the front page in this way:

At the bottom of the modal page, the following options appear:

In here you can define parameters for where the routine will be included. You can also select which co-workers will be informed about the routine. This will in turn depend on which notification methods the creator prefers. Notice that you can define specific roles and tags for co-workers. In this way you can reach specific co-workers in your organization.

Adding routines to projects and tasks

Adding a routine is very simple, go to the project > quality > routines. Then click on the small button on the right, illustrated in this picture:

And choose among your existent routines. Notice that this will add the routine to the project itself.

You can also attach routines directly to tasks, which will help those that will perform the task to know the general guidelines on how to perform it. In the task itself, you can simply add the routine by choosing it from the meny on the left hand side:

The files and the description will be easily available for the assignees.

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