Moment has an open API that can be used to get data or post data to your database. To get access to the API add API Access as an integration.

API Access

Activate API Access, this can be found under "Setup > Settings > Integrations". From the list of integrations select "API Access"

Make sure the Enabled checkbox is checked, then fill out the form as needed.

There are only two fields:

  • Users to notify Select those users in the company that should be notified about the integration. This is a required field, as the integration needs to know who to inform about changes.

  • Emails to notify Register the email address of the recipients that should get notified, other than users.

API keys

Having activated the add-on to access the API will now give you the opportunity to create API keys. Find the new menu item added as part of "Company"

The page will show you a list of API keys (when these have been created), the first look will just be an empty page with a button to create keys, click the "+New key" button.

A dialog will show up, in this select the resource that shall be linked to the API key, it's the users access that will be used to give access in the API.

Select what environment the API key shall be used for, here the options are:

  • Prod = production

  • Sandbox = test environment, updated nightly with current data from production

  • All = give access to both of these environments.

Select an expiry date, the expiry data can be max 2 years from the current date.

The "Test" option is to generate a key that will have a validity of 14 days.

By clicking "Generate" the new key will be displayed, make sure you copy and store this in a safe place.

Expiry date

As an API key is defined with a max validity time of two years, there is the option to edit the expiry date.

Click on the edit icon to the right on the row that needs to be updated. The modal below will show up. Select the new expiry date, again max 2 years from today's date, and save.

Moment will inform the owner of the key 14 days prior to an expiry date, so that one can go back and update a key if it should be valid longer.


There is a monthly fee for access to the API, this includes normal usage, where there are a high number of requests or high amount of data requested/transferred it can invoke an additional fee.

The cost is based on the number of licensed users, and number of API keys allowed to be created equals the number of licensed users. Any additional API keys generated will be invoiced according to our price list.

API keys generated for test will not be invoiced, however - a maximum of three test keys can be generated for each resource. Any additional test keys will be invoiced as an extra API key. If the general access to the API is not invoiced, that also will be invoiced.

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