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Welcome to Moment's help page and a source for information! Here you'll find a lot of useful articles related to most of the many features Moment has to offer.

We've got a lot of features. So for you to find the article you're looking for we have made the side menu as close to, if not identical to how it is within Moment. Say you are interested in seeing how tags work and all of the different functions behind it. Then you can press setup in the side menu for tags to show up as a subcategory, just like in Moment.

Currently, all of the articles are written in English. As time go by we'll work on giving you other languages as well, but for now we're focusing on having an article for each subject. Also, if you're looking for an article and it's not here, make sure to send us a mail at so that we can assist you and also look into making an article for the subject.

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