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For ProjectHelp Customer Log-in please follow this link:


ProjectHelp users with support access can contacts us by:

  • Phone: +47 32 21 51 00

  • E-mail:

  • Remote Support: please contact ProjectHelp support when you need remote support.

Remote Support Additional Information

We offer remote support to ProjectHelp users with support access when this is needed.

If you need help remotely, contact our support department either by phone or e-mail. The remote support session will be activated by the person accepting your request and they will inform you of what password to use for accessing the active session.

Below you will find a step-by-step explanation on how the connection takes place.

  1. In ProjectHelp, click the “?” up in the top right corner.

  2. Click on “Remote Support” in the left panel

3. In the middle section the link for remote support appears, click on this.

The link will start the process of downloading the client application and connecting to the session.

4.The GoToMeeting launcher will need to be downloaded, click Run when requested to do so.

5. When the launcher has downloaded, it will connect to active session

6. When connected you will be prompted for the password - this is provided by ProjectHelp Support

7. In the next step you will be asked to provide your name and optionally your e-mail.

8. Now the meeting dialog appears on your screen.

  1. Main menu, click to see more options

  2. Minimize, click to hide/minimize the dialog

  3. Close, click to close/exit the meeting.

  4. Audio, this tab shows possible ways to use audio, the options are computer or phone. If selecting phone there is a choice of numbers to use, depending on your location.

5. Screen, select what is shared and who can have access. 6. Webcam, if a webcam is present this can be used to send video 7.Audience view, see what is shown to the attendees 8. Attendees, a list of those connected. The number to the right says total count. 9. Chat, built in chat

ProjectHelp Support will at this time set you as presenter, so that your screen can be shown.

When clicking “Show My Screen” in the dialog that appears, there is an option next to this to select exactly what to share. This is needed especially when there are more than one screen.

This can be changed later using the “Screen” tab on the dialog, if needed. When the screen has been shared, ProjectHelp Support will request access to your keyboard and mouse. Click “Give Control”

You will given a warning about what is involved in sharing the keyboard and mouse. This can be selected not to be shown in the future by clicking “Don’t show again” in the bottom left corner before clicking “OK”

ProjectHelp Support is now connected to your local computer and able to take control/see what is your problem.

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