Price model: Subscription

The price model Subscription is used when you are invoicing the same amount to a customer regularly. A good example would be rental of office space. Very often this is invoiced every three months, along with other products, such as a lunch package for example. To this purpose subscriptions are a good price model to have.

To enable subscriptions, go to setup > settings > general. The settings look like this:

Creating a Subscription

To create a subscription with a "subscription" price model, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Project with "Subscription" Price Model:

    • You can either create a new project with a "subscription" price model or add a new price model to an existing project. If you need guidance on creating a price model, refer to this article

  2. Adding a New Subscription:

    • In the price model, click on "Add New Subscription" and provide a title and a date for your subscription. If the subscription will continue indefinitely, leave the "until date" field blank.

  3. Multiple Subscriptions in the Same Price Model:

    • You can have multiple subscriptions with different periods or subscription lines within the same price model.

  4. Choose Subscription Line or Standard Product:

    • Choose to add either a subscription line or a standard product to the price model.

  5. Invoicing Settings:

    • Decide whether to invoice in advance or afterward for a specific period. For example, if you wish to create a subscription invoice 14 days before the next invoicing period (end of the month), input "-14 days" in the corresponding field.

    • This setting allows you to send invoices for the entirety of a chosen period, even if the invoicing period extends into the future. For example, if the subscription started in July, but you want to send an invoice for the entirety of July at the beginning of August, you can set the date accordingly.

  6. Adjusting the Invoice Date:

    • In the provided example, the date is set to be 30 days in advance of a subscription that started on the 1st of July. This means the first invoice will be sent in the beginning of August, covering the entirety of July.

  • Adjust the number of days based on the customer's situation.

Saving Changes:

  • Once you have made the necessary changes, save them in the system.

  1. Viewing the "Payments" Tab:

    • After saving the changes, you can access the "Payments" tab. Here, you will see all the invoices that will be created based on the subscription sequence you have set up.

    • Use this tab to check when the invoices will be created and to make any corrections to the subscription setup if needed.

Here is a general description of the settings in the subscription price model:

If you already have added products, you can choose one of those. If so, the title and unit price is retrieved from what you added in the product. If you don’t want to use a product you already have added, just leave it blank.

If you want to have more than one subscription on a project, you just click on +Add subscription once again.

If you choose a product, and have created a price list for that, you also have the opportunity to choose that. This is useful if e.g. the unit price is different from month to month. In that case, the unit price in the subscription is retrieved automatically from the price list, and you don’t have to do any manually changes in the subscription. Should the price change in the middle of a subscription period, that is not a problem. We calculate the correct price based on how many days there is one price, and how may days you have a different price.

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