Project Roles

In this page we will show you how to set up different roles in Moment, their purpose and uses

In Moment you can define different types of roles. The point of these is roles is to define the different type of positions that different co-workers can have in the same project. Roles can also be used as price-references when creating offers and when registering hours.

Be aware that project roles are not the same as "Access Roles" as defined in the co-workers main page. Please read this article for more information on Access Roles

By default, Moment offers two types of roles: Project Leader and Project Member. These roles can be altered and replaced completely by your own.

To vew or change roles in Moment, go to setup > Project roles

In this window you will see a list of all the roles available in Moment:

Here you can edit the roles: you can change the names, add sales prices and wage costs.

This has two implications. You can now give these roles to co-workers in projects, and you can set the sale price you define in "project roles" as the basis for your hourly rates.

In the project's main page. Click on the co-workers name to assign them a role. One co-worker can have several roles.

In the example above, a co-worker has been given two different roles, in one of the roles the co-worker has been set as project owner (for example purposes)

Roles and price-models

In Moment you must define a criterion for how the hourly rates will be calculated. Project Roles can be used as such a criterion:

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