Price Lists

In Moment, price lists are ready-made lists of prices that can be retrieved for use in price models associated with activities. Price lists are useful when you have several customers/projects that follow the same pricing or when you offer standard rates. Price lists also have a major advantage in that you can edit price lists rather than editing the price model itself when, for example, you want to change prices, or add prices for new employees.

It is also possible to create price lists for products. This works to a large extent in the same way as when you create it on hourly prices, and gives greater flexibility when it comes to pricing products in a price model

Price lists can be found in Setup/ Price lists/ For hourly rates

By clicking on the top right corner, you can create a new price list. See the GIF below for details:

Price lists can be either very simple og include historical data for earlier prices. In Most cases, it could be an idea to create a price list for each year, if you adjust prices yearly.

Prices are defined by project and role, and you can narrow this down even at the co-worker level.

Managing price lists requires some maintenance, specially if you have many of them. Make sure to update them regularly.

Using price lists in projects.

Using price lists in a project is very simple. The only thing you need to do is to go to the project's price model and choose "Hourly rates specified in price list". By clicking "hourly rate per co-worker" you will be able to see the relevant prices from the price list. For more info regarding price models, see this article

Price lists on customers

You can also set up price lists on customer level. These price lists are useful if you have contracts with certain customers where you agree to have fixed rates that mainly apply to their projects. These are defined similarly to normal price lists and can be found in the customer and "hourly rates" tab.

These can be retrieved and used in your projects similar to normal price lists.

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