Moment allows you to invoice products as well as hours and fixed prices on certain project tasks. In this section we will show you how to make the best out of this module and provide some examples.

To create a new product, click the button "new product". A new window will appear in which you can setup the new product. Here we provide an explanation of the settings:

Here you can provide a product number. This is not given to the program by the default.

Invoicing with products

In the next section we will provide an example showing how you can invoice with products.

Let's say that as part of a project you need to rent a room for your customers. Lets say a showroom to display how a new apartment complex will look like when finished.

First you would have to create a product. Then go to a project, go to "product sales", click "new product sales", add the product, and then set it to approved. You can then go to "approval" and send the invoice from there.

Updating projects with Excel files

Just like you can update hourly rates in Moment, you can also update products with Excel. First you need to click the gear icon on the top right corner. Afterwards download an Excel template of your products list. Apply the changes and then reupload the file. See the gif below for an example

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