Price model: Hourly rates

The price model Hourly rate is used if you are invoicing according to elapsed time. Here comes a closer description of the different choices.

Hourly rate base – Here you define which hourly rate that should be used for co-workers that do not have a specific price under Hourly rates per employee (see down below).

Here is an explanation of these settings:

Hourly rate must be specified per co-worker. No co-worker automatically gets set to an hourly rate on the project. Should the project mainly be priced on the individual workers, we recommend this choice. You are forced to consider the hourly rate per person per project, and the chance of co-workers automatically getting invoiced with wrong standard hourly rate is reduced.

This picture shows the Hourly rate per employee – Click here to get a list of all team-members. Should the hourly rate base be set to Custom, you have to add hourly rates on all team-members working on the project.

The rest of the settings are explained below:

Here you can specify a possible total fee. An estimated total fee is the maximum fee that is invoiced on a project, even though the worked hours would exceed this fee

Hourly rates in a price model can also be defined for different periods in the future, similar as they can be defined for each co-worker

For more details regarding hourly rates, how they are calculated and how you can change them, see this article.

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