The content field in the export template editor is based on Apache Freemarker and supports most of the built-in references from this. See more information on these here.

How to use date and time formatting in the editor can be found here.


The content field has a number of built-in features that can be used


You can create lists, this is a method to loop through records. In the code block below you see how to define a list. The #list is the function name, [recordset] refers to the recordset from the datatype used for the list. [variable] is the value used within the list to get fields from the recordset. The indented second line shows how a field would be referred to using variable and field name.

<#list [recordset] as [variable]>


The editor also supports the creation of functions that can be used within it. Add these at the bottom of the editor. A function is used by using ? as prefix for the field.

<#function [functionName] [variable]>
  <#if [variable] == ‘something’>
    <#return “Found something”>
    <#return “Did not find something”>

Inline functions

There exists a number of inline functions that can be used also

Field prefix





Used on numeric fields to define how to format the number



Used to pad the field value to the left with defined characters



Used to pad the field value to the right with defined characters


Each datatype has a number of fields available to be included in the export.

These can be seen in the list of available fields.

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