Fortnox Payments

When an invoice is being set as paid in Fortnox, this information can be transferred to Moment and update the same invoice as paid in Moment.


To activate the Fortnox Payments integration, this needs to be added separately. And it requires the regular Fortnox integration to be enabled.


Payment information from Fortnox are collected once a day, at 23:00 CET.


The process to activate Payments is the same as for the regular integration, steps involved are shown here. There are some differences in the dialogs shown, but other than that the method is the same.

The first dialog shown is this, where the only thing needed is to enable and save it to start the activation.

After having saved, open again the dialog and start the authentication. This is done by clicking the "Authorize" button. This will start the authorization process and transfer you to Fortnox.

After having logged in you will be presented the required access, approve this access to continue.

When the integration have been authorized, enter number of days back to get payments on the initial fetch of payments. Save this to activate it.

When activated the payments are gathered once a day, and then what's new in the last 24 hours.

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