Accrual report

The accrual report can be found at the bottom of the project plan in the tab "Accrual report". The accrual report helps you estimate the amount of accrued income per month, incase of projects where the amount invoiced does not align with the accrual accounting principle. The typical example of this is multi year projects where the invoice is yearly, work is done each month.

All currency conversions are done using the currency rate for the accrual date, unless the currency rate is tied to an actual expense or invoice. This means that historical amounts change if compared to currency amounts today.


Hours per activity, summed per price model until the accrual date


Hours used + future planned (Difference between used and planned is based on when timesheet is locked). Future planned is the total planned hours per activity & price model when the revision was created.


Hours / forecast in %

Total fee

Total estimated fee/price model per price model (not from the revision, will change if adjusted on price models)

Forecast non-billable expenses

The higher of actual non billable expenses and planned expenses (under the expenses tab). Not from the saved revision, though if the actual expenses has an expense date past the accrual date. it will not be included.

Total fee excl. non-billable expenses

Dynamic calculation of total fee - forecast non-billable expenses (shown in GUI on the bottom row)

Registered non-billable expenses

Sum of column "Total excl. VAT, project currency" in the project expenses report for the project, with additional filters: Until date = Accrual date Billable = False

Calculated sale price excl. non-billable expenses

Progress * Total fee excl. non-billable expenses, as shown highlighted in the table when hovering on the bottom row.

Calculated sale price incl. registered non-billable expenses

Registered non-billable expenses + Calculated sale price excl. non-billable expenses


Amount registered on price model invoice history that are connected to an activity/price model

Sum of actual invoices

Control column showing sum of invoices on the project (this is to show if numbers have been done in a way that moment cannot automatically connect, such as if manual invoices has been created that are missing mapping to an activity/price model)

Earned fee / Invoiced in advance

Shows difference between accrued income and invoiced amount. This number can also be adjusted if there is missing income not yet registered if or one wants to reduce income for risk management.

Sale price not invoiced

Hours registered before accrual date (to date in hours report 0). Does not include planned hours. In theory counts both billable and not billable hours, but the sales price for non billable are resolved to 0 (incase numbers don't add up due to imported hours or from integrations).

Sale price not invoiced expenses

Billable project expenses, including surcharge (Total excl. VAT, project currency)

With expense date before accrual date and not invoiced before accrual date either (incase expense date is month before accrual date, and invoiced after accrual date).

Earned fee

Income accrued but not invoiced yet. Number can be reduced incase of early project progression to reduce amount accrued.

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