OAuth 2 authorization

To authorize Moment with Fortnox an administrator needs to go through a process where Moment is given permission to access areas requested. The user/administrator needs to have authorization (behörighet) to control the customers and projects.

Fortnox supports service account, this can be selected prior to beginning the authorization process. Only system administrators in Fortnox can authorize when selecting this option.

Configure integration

  1. Configure integration with what you want to transfer (this can also be done afterwards).

    • Fortnox has added an option to use a service account. This must be selected prior to starting the authorization.

  2. Once you have clicked on "Approve authorization" you will be sent back to Moment, this may take some time. Please wait.


If you need to re-authorize, you can also choose to do so, click on the link "Re-authorize" and start at step 3.


If this should happen, the process can be started again by clicking the blue "Authorize" button, follow the steps from step 3.

Authorization (Behörighet)

A typical error that can occur is related to the authorization the user that is authorizing the integration has. If the user is missing some authorization (behörighet), it will be seen as an error message in the company log. If the error message contains the text as shown in the image below, it's referencing the users authorization within Fortnox.

There are two solutions to this issue

  1. Change the authorization (behörighet) for the user in Fortnox. Find the location where one defines authorizations (behörigheter). Turn this on for customer and projects. (See screenshot below)

  2. Select to use a service account when authorizing the integration. If an authorization has been done and you want to switch to using a service account, please inform us so that we can remove current authorization information. Send an e-mail to support to request this.

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