Edit template

Having just created a new template, the correct template is selected, but if you want to edit an existing template, select this from the select box in the top right of the page. Note! Only custom templates are open for editing.

Editor fields

  • Template name: This is the name you will find in drop down on the page where the template is available for use. Write a name that easily identifies the export.

  • Datatype to export: Select the datatype needed for the export you want to make.

  • File name: Write the name as you would like it to be when the export is execute, without file extension. You can use {DATETIME} in the name to have the date and time at the time of export to be part of the name.

  • File type: Select the type of file you want to create, this will be the file extension on the exported file.

  • Decimal separator: Define what is the correct type of decimal separator. Dot or comma.

  • Line break: What kind of line break should be used in the file. Linux or Windows

  • Quotes: What type of quotes should be used on text fields. Double quote ("), single quote (') or none.

    • Use quotes on empty fields: Yes or no.

  • Encoding: What encoding is correct for the file you want exported. UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1

  • Content: Use this field to build the content of the file. See more information about this field here.

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