Updating the invoice summary.

Moment has a functionality that allows you to show how much you have invoiced earlier in several or one specific price model. In this article I will show how to update this.


The settings for this functionality are found under setup > settings > invoicing options

If you go to project > invoicing options > price models and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the following picture:

The picture above shows an invoicing summary that has not been used before and hence has no invoices added.

Note: In a price model you will have to estimate a total fee for the invoicing summary to work.

When you make an invoice in a price model, it will automatically update the invoice history for that price model. In the following example, we see that we have a price model with a fixed price. We have estimated payments in the payment plan and a total fee. When we go to "to be invoiced" we will be able to see the amounts that are due for invoicing in that price model (230000 NOK).

We will also be able to see in the invoice draft, exactly how the invoicing summary will look like. See the GIF below

Once we have done this. You can go back to the price model and look at the invoicing summary:

Here we can see that there is a new post corresponding to our recently created invoice for the price model.

How to manually add posts to an invoice summary?

In certain situations it might be necessary to manually update the invoice summary. For example if you recently started using Moment but have invoiced in the project in a different system.

In order to do this you will have to click on the button "add new record":

In the example below, we have added 100000 NOK that have been invoiced earlier. You need to add the VAT included sum in the corresponding field.

As the example shows, the new post we have added shows up in the invoice summary on the draft and includes the previously added sum.

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