How to register furloughing (permitteringer) in Moment?

Sometimes it might be necessary to register furloughing for employees that will be absent for a certain amount of time from work. In this article we will explain two ways in which you can register these in Moment.

Method 1: New absence type

One option is to create your own absence type. You can create this in settings > absence setup > add new. In the settings you can decide yourself whether you want the absence types to reduce or increase banked hours.

Once the absence type has been created, the co-worker that has been furloughed will be able to choose this absence type in his/hers timesheet. Although the most common choice would be for it NOT to count towards banked hours. If the co-worker wants to add this type of absence for a longer period of time, the co-worker can click the name of the absence and add the duration in the "from-to" fields.

The advantages of using absence types for registering furloughing is that it will allow you to keep up-to-date statistics on your employee reports.

Method 2: Setting up a new employee schedule

This method can be used in two situations, both in situations in which the co-worker has reduced the full time-employment percentage or during furloughing. It is important that you do not delete the older schedules register on the co-worker because this will cause issues with reporting etc.

Basically, the only thing you need to do in this case is to go to the co-worker settings and setup a new schedule with a reduced amount of hours.

Setting up a new schedule will keep your reports up-to date and at the same time show a correct history of the employee's history.

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