Who can use this integration?

If you subscribe on MAKS (and uses from Arkitektbedriftene i Norge, you might want to enable this integration. This wil make is easier to navigate between your project plan in Moment and Kvalitetsplan in MAKS.

How it works

When the integration is activated you will:

  1. Clearly see a link on your project main page in Moment that will bring you to the corresponding Kvalitetsplan in MAKS

  2. In MAKS you will see a link on the Kvalitetsplan frontpage, that will bring you into the project's main page in Moment.

  3. When you create a new project in Moment, you can quickly create a new Kvalitetsplan in MAKS by clicking the link on the project's main page. This will transfer the project name and project number so you do not have to type it twice.

How to enable the integration

  • In Moment: go to Setup > Settings > Integration and choose MAKS from the list. This will enable the integration.

  • In MAKS: go to "Innstillinger" and choose to activate the Moment integration. In the input field, make sure you spell your company name the same as in the url in Moment, otherwise the direct links will not work. Please look at the url in address line when using Moment, in order to find the correctly spelled company name.

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