Visma Document Center

Moment support import of supplier invoices as project expenses from Visma Document Center. This involves having the files uploaded to a SFTP server provided by Moment.

What data can be transferred in this integration?

This integration transfers supplier invoices and their attachments.


The integration will check multiple times a day for any files that have been uploaded to the SFTP. Files will be processed and any new expenses will be imported. Already existing expenses will be skipped.

Attachments that has been uploaded to the SFTP will also be attached to the expense created.


The integrations is executed every 30 minutes between 08:00 and 20:00 CET daily.


The integration will log events to the log found under Company -> Logs. All events are logged, successfully imported as well as errors that occur.

Technical information

This integration requires files sent to a SFTP server. Files can be sent automatically or manually, depending on the capabilities existing for your company.


Contact Moment to get an SFTP account configured. You will be given your username and password. In addition you will be provided with the information needed to connect to the server. Store the user information in a safe place.

To configure the SFTP, read more here.


Each transfer of files consists of a CSV file that contains the supplier invoices data and any attachments that are related to the supplier invoices contained in the CSV file. Files should be UTF-8 encoded.

File name

Each file must have a unique name. Recommended is an ID for the customer and the date the file was created, e.g. F99999_20200707.csv

CSV file

The CSV file must follow the defined layout given by Moment. The file contains 26 columns, shown here as the header row.


See more information about the file here


Attachments are transferred from Visma Document Center and placed in a folder with the name equal to the first two digit in the the voucher id of the expense.


The setup and configuration of Visma Document Center is split in two parts. Part one is the tasks needed on Visma Document Center, and the other part is in Moment.

Visma Document Center

This part must be done by your Visma provider. There needs to be created an export of data from Visma, this export must be stored in a CSV file. See more information about the file here. The timespan for expenses sent to Moment is decided by the customer together with their Visma provider. It is the responsibility of the Visma provider to fill the file with correct data, and to transfer the correct attachments.

  • Create an export of data from Visma into the CSV file template.

  • Transfer the CSV file to Moment SFTP server, place it in the folder "parse"

  • Transfer attachments to Moment SFTP server. Place these in the a folder named according to the voucher id of the expense.


This part can be done by the customer, or contact Moment support for assistance.

  • Select Visma Document Center as the integration to configure.

  • Enter the provided SFTP account information given to you

    • Username

    • Password

  • Define the activity used for expenses that are imported

  • Define if imported expenses are to be billable or not

  • Enter email address(es) used for notification messages

  • Enter description.

  • Save the configuration.

Bold lines are required.

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