Uniconta Payments

When an invoice is being set as paid in Uniconta, this information can be transferred to Moment and update the same invoice as paid in Moment.


To activate the Uniconta Payments integration, this needs to be added separately. And it requires the regular Uniconta integration to be enabled.


Payment information from Uniconta are collected once a day, at 21:00 CET.

One-time Configuration

To enable then Uniconta Payments integration add this to your Moment instance.

Navigate to the the integrations page under Setup > Settings. At the top right of the , click on +New integration button. A dialog will be appearing, in the selection box search for "Uniconta Payments". Select this from the list. Note! This will not appear unless "Uniconta" main integration is configured/enabled.

The configuration of Uniconta Payments uses the same credentials as was configured in the main integration. So the only additional field needed to set is from what date payments shall be retrieved.

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