Sending offers from Moment

In Moment you can send offers directly to your customers by e-mail

In order to be able to send offers to customers in Moment, it is strongly recommended to define potential contact persons in the customer's main page. Please see this article regarding how this is done.

Once the contacts have been defined, your offer is ready and you want to send it, press this button:

The following modal will appear:

From this modal you can define to either fetch one of the contacts from you customer's main page, or to add a contact directly. You can also write a message to the receiver. The e-mail might look something like the picture below, it will also include a link to the offer itself:

From the offer link, the customer will be able to either accept or decline the offer. The person that has been set as "responsible" on the offer itself will receive the confirmation mail.

Response confirmation from the customer

As described in the last paragraph, the person set as responsible will receive the confirmation e-mail. If for any reason the e-mail is not received, you can still see the confirmation by looking at the changelog in the offer. The changelog contains information regarding who accepted the offer and when this was done. Any messages that the receiver has written will also be displayed by hovering over the changelog.

The confirmation looks like this:

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