Visma e-conomic Payments

When an invoice is being set as paid in Visma e-conomic, this information can be transferred to Moment and update the same invoice as paid in Moment.


To activate the Visma e-conomic Payments integration, this needs to be added separately. And it requires the regular Visma e-conomic integration to be enabled.

To make use of the integration this must be configured in the same way as the regular integration and the agreement token used for the regular integration can also be used for this integration.


Payment information from Visma e-conomic are collected once a day, at 23:00 CET.


  • The ID used on the regular integration can be also used as agreement token for the payment integration. Open the regular integration and copy the agreement token.

  • Register an email address that will receive error messages if something fails.

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