Daily Allowance

Moment provides the default Norwegian options for daily allowance when travelling domestically.

If there is a need for travelling abroad, these must be added manually, use the current rates from Norwegian government for these.

Diett med overnatting

The rates for overnight, these do vary depending the type of accommodation. The various options are.


Use these fields for values when register rates.

Hybel uten kokemuligheter eller på pensjonat eller brakke

Hybel med kokemuligheter eller har overnattet privat

Dagdiett 6 - 12 timer

When the travel has been more than six hours and up until 12 hours.

Dagdiett over 12 timer

When the travel has been more than 12 hours, but not overnight.

Kompensasjonstillegg utland

This is not defined by default, to add this select to add a new expense type and fill out as shown.


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