SoMe Ad Expenses supports two methods of importing data.

Import methods

Both methods described below will use the configuration defined for the ad provider


For both methods of import, parts of the configuration are the same.



Customer ID

Select the Custom Field defined for the ad provider

Expense activity

Name of default activity to place expense under

Make imported expense billable


Emails for notification

Enter any emails to receive notification when an import fails

Import from within the application

Importing files from within the application is done from the Project expenses overview page.

When one/more of the SoMe Ad integrations are enabled the option to import expenses can be found under the cogwheel icon in the top right. Click and select "Import of ad provider expenses"

Upon clicking this the import dialog appears, drag/select file(s) to be import on this.

By clicking the "Save" button the expenses found in the file(s) added will be imported.

Reload the list of expenses to see the new expenses that where imported.

File transfer

File transfer involves sending files to the Moment SFTP site. Credentials for this site is provided if this is the preferred method of import.


For each ad provider one must configure the fields used for the SFTP server.



User name

User name to be used for logging in to the SFTP site


Password to be used in combination with user name

Root folder

Name of folder that will be the root for this integration.

Folder structure

Each site configured on the Moment SFTP server will be according to this folder structure

/incoming/{adProviderName}                                      = Root folder
/incoming/{adProviderName}/parse                                = Inbox

Imported files are to be placed in the "parse" folder. These files will be processed by the integration and expenses found matching projects in Moment will be imported.

Upon completing the import, files will be moved to the "parsed" folder, however, if the file contains records that can not be matched, the file will be placed in the "failed" folder.

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