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This is the starting page for registering a new expense, or a travel expense. You would also start here when making a new expense for education. If the expense contains a travel, click the "Submit a travel expense claim". If its only an expense, click the "New expense claim".

Travel expense claim

Submitting a travle expense is fairly easy in Moment. Click on "Submit a travel expense claim",write a short note about the purpose of the expense claim, and click create

You will then enter the draft page for the travel expense claim. Start by registering the dates for the travel, and starting and end point for the travel. You can also pick a currency for your travel expense. Moment will then exchange the expense to your home current.

Travel expenses does not need to be connected to a project, but if you do connect it to a project it will be a part of that projects economy, and can be invoiced to a customer. A finished draft before adding expenses can look like this

You can now start adding expenses to the draft using the +Add expense to claim button. Pick the category matching your expense, and fill out the necessary fields. Continue to add expenses untill you have added all expenses for the travel. Dont forget to upload recipts and required documentation

When you finish registering all your expenses, click the "Submit for approval" button. You have now completed a travel expense claim

Expense claim

Registering an Expense claim is mostly similar to registering an Travel expense claim. The main difference is that you do not have the option or requirement to add the fields "From" and "Untill", or departure and arrival. Register your claims in the same way you would with a travel expense.

Creating and using templates

If you do a lot of similar travels, or register the same expenses each mont, consider making your expense a template. As long as at least one expense is registerd on the claim, you can click the copy-button, and then "Create a new template based on this claim"

As soon as you have clicked on the create a new template button, you will enter the edit template screen. Create the template in the same way you would create any claim, and save the template when finished. You can also share your template with your co-workers

When the template is saved, you can use the template by choosing it when making a new claim

Registering education expenses

Registering expenses from educational funds are very similar to registering other expenses. The main difference is that you have to check the checkmark box for "deduct from educational funds, and register how much of the expense that should be covered by your personal pool

When this is done, submit your claim as normal. As soon as the claim is set to "paid out", the expense will be drawn from the educational pools in the proportions registerd on the expense.

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