Object import/update

Moment supports a few methods off importing and updating data within the application.

Update data

Some objects support update of data within the application

For these objects, on the Reports page for the object, under the cogwheel/settings icon up in the top right corner there is an option "Update {object} from Excel"

  • Customers

  • Projects

  • Product sales

For these objects, the link will open a dialog where one can download a template file to be used for the update. Fill out the fields in the template and upload to the upload area on the same dialog. By doing so, any changes in the file will be done to the objects.

Import data

Other objects can be imported using the Tools page.

  • Project expenses

  • Checklists

  • Organizational data

Each of these types have a section used to upload data. A template can be downloaded, filled out with data and then uploaded for import.

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