Addresses / PEPPOL ID

When sending an e-invoice through the PEPPOL network, the sender and the receiver needs a globally unique address. This address is composed of two fields separated by a colon, an International Code Designator and an Identifier:

Example: 0192:996770869

As an example, our company Moment Team AS is identified by 0192:996770869 on the network. The ICD (International Code Designator), 0192, tells us that this is a registered Norwegian organization, and the identifier is our company registration number (brreg). Another common ICD is 0088 for GLN. The full ISO6523 list with all ICD numbers is available here.

Setting up ICD and Identifier on a customer

When setting up a non-norwegian customer, the field for E-invoicing address is used alongside company registration number to route the e-invoice itself. This is used in Denmark, where the Company reg. no. (CVR) is used to identify the organization, whereas the E-invoicing address is used for identifying the subunit to be invoiced.

Address lookup

Useful services for looking up PEPPOL addresses (globally):

In Moment this look up service is built into every E-invoicing address through the Magnifying glass. It can be clicked to look up if the address can receive e-invoices through peppol (BIS 3.0). There may be other routes for the invoice to take through Maventa. Support can help determine this.

Country specifics

See the following page for details on certain countries:


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