Contacts and mailing lists

Note: Contact management is continuously being improved! ⭐

Managing Contact Emails in Moment

In Moment, you have the flexibility to manage contact information at different levels to ensure that your communication is as targeted and effective as possible. Whether you're setting up a global contact for your entire organization or specifying contact details for specific customers or projects, Moment adapts to your needs. Here's how you can manage contact emails within the system:

Global Contacts

  • Multiple Emails Allowed: You can assign multiple email addresses to a global contact. A global contact is created from the menu Customers - Contacts - Overview. This option is ideal for broad communications that need to reach various individuals across your organization or team.

Contact In Customer (CIC)

  • Single Email Address: For communications specific to a customer, you can set a single email address for the Contact In Customer (CIC). A CIC is a contact that you add directly on a customer in Moment. This ensures that messages related to this customer are directed to the right person or department.

Contact In Project (CIP)

  • Single Email Address: Similar to the CIC, you can assign a single email address for the Contact In Project (CIP) that you add directly to a project, to streamline communications related to a specific project.

Priority of Contact Emails

  • Automatic Prioritization: When you set an email address for a CIC or CIP, Moment automatically prioritizes these over the global contact emails for communications related to the customer or project.

  • Visual Indicator: In the user interface, if a global contact email has been overridden by a CIC or CIP email, the global contact emails will be displayed with a strikethrough. This visual cue can be found in the contact section of the customer or project page, indicating that these emails are not in use for the specific customer or project communications.

By understanding and utilizing these settings, you can tailor your communication strategy within Moment to be both efficient and effective, ensuring that the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

Reports and mailing lists

Because contacts are now treated as own entities, it is much easier to create both reports and e-mail lists based on the contact information. First, you can now create a report based on contact persons in Moment. This is now available under Customer > Customer contacts > Report

mailing lists allow you to retrieve the e-mail adresses of all your contacts in Moment. This makes it easier to send e-mails to customer in masse, and will allow you to improve communication directly from Moment.

E-mail lists are a functionality available to PRO customers

Mailing lists are activated through Setup > Settings > General

This will open a new module in Moment that can be found in customers > mailing lists

From here, you will be able to retreive the e-mail adresses for the selected contacts. These addresses can then be copied over to your e-mail client of choice and used to send e-mails to the selected customers.

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