Customer number

By default Moment is the master for all integrations, when it comes to 24SevenOffice there are limitations on setting a defined customer number in 24SevenOffice.

As customers are created in Moment they will be getting the next available number in Moment. When the customer is then transferred to 24SevenOffice, a look up if this exists will be done. If the customer is not found - a new customer is created. The new customer will get the next available number at that time in 24SevenOffice (this might be different from the number given in Moment, if order of registering customers in Moment and 24SevenOffice differs.

In the log there will be a line that can look like this

Customers exported successfully: 54655 (24SevenOffice: Moment customerNumber 105750 is not the same as newly created company id 54655 so need to update Tibet customerNumber.);

The customer will be created, and in return the customer number in Moment is updated to what is set on this in 24SevenOffice.

Most of the time, this customer has at this time been included in an invoice in Moment. And on that first invoice sent the customer number will be the on given in Moment. Next invoice will have correct customer number as it is in 24SevenOffice.

We are looking into find a way to get around this, but due to limitations in the 24SevenOffice API, we need to put together a more advanced solution.

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