Payment ID Examples

Examples of payment ID and how these can be used combined with the optional display format field.

Note! When using INV and CLI we recommend to set number of digits one higher than current number of digits in the series.

In the examples below the invoice number used for examples is 4345 and customer number is 23412

Payment IDDescription


Invoice = 6 digits and customer = 6 digits.

Invoice number = 04345

Customer number = 023412

Combined = 004345023412

Control number = 0043450234125

Complete payment ID = 13 digits


Comment = 23, invoice = 7 digits, customer = 6 digits and a comment = 4

Invoice number = 0004345

Customer number = 023412

Combined = 2300043450234124

Control number = 23000434502341244

Complete payment ID = 17 digits


OCR number format

Values in the first column above are the ones placed in this field, like this:

Optional display format

In the case where the payment ID needs to include other characters than just numeric values, the optional display format field will be used. An example where this is needed is for the Danish FIK number, as this also consists of + and <

In the example below the kortart used is 71 and kreditornummer is 99999999, along with the first payment ID above.

The payment ID generated on the invoice would be like this


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