How to add co-workers to projects between two partner companies

When working across different companies, it is very important to pay attention to the way in which co-workers are added to the projects. If you don't do this properly, it might lead you to not being able to get a proper overview of total hours worked, and in the worst case scenario, forget to invoice the final customer.

When two projects are linked together. You will have one main project, and another (or several others) projects across different partner companies. The main reason for confusion is created when co-workers across the companies work in the same projects.

The most common mistake made is that co-workers are only added to the sub-project and not the main project. If the co-worker is not registered as an external co-worker on the main company, and for some reason is added only on the sub project, this might lead to his hours only appearing on the sub project, and not the main project. A consequence of this is that although the internal invoicing between both companies is okay, the invoicing to the final customer will not. The solution is that all co-workers in a project need to be added on the main project.

Sometimes, a system administrator might add the sub-project to a co-workers timesheet by mistake, causing the co-worker to become a member. Here we will show you how to properly set project membership up for linked projects.

Step 1: Adding an external co-worker

First you need to invite the co-worker from the daughter company to the main company. Because the co-worker is already registered, he/she will be immediately available in the main company:

Once you have done this. Add the co-worker from the main project page and give him a role. After this the project will be available from the co-workers timesheet (do not add the project to the co-workers timesheet before the above steps have been done)

When registering hours, these will now be registered both in the main project and in the daughter project

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