The forecast page will give you a monthly overview of expected income from projects. This view can be filtered to show projects depending on the price models that have been used.

This functionality is only available for PRO users

The forecast page takes into account fixed price, subscription and hourly rate price models.

For Fixed Price models, Moment will take into account the monthly or quarterly installments to calculate the expected income.

For Subscriptions, Moment will take into account the invoicing frequency that has been defined in each subscription.

Activating the module

The Forecast module must be activated through settings in Moment. Navigate to Setup > Settings > General

Enable the module:

This will create a new tab both on project level and on company level called "forecast"

The report will display the different price models available in the project and add the income for each, displayed as a monthly sum:

For fixed rate price models and subscriptions it will display the income depending on the frequency of the specified installments. For hourly rates Moment will take into account two different factors:

  • Time records (up to yesterday)

  • Planned hours.

This means that registered time records will always be the starting point for calculations for the past and present, planned hours will be the basis for calculations for the future.

Using probabilities

This module also allows you to use probabilities as a factor to calculate future income. In order to do this, first enable probabilities in settings in Moment, go to Setup > Settings > Projects and click on the following setting:

This option will enable a new setting on your price models:

In turn this will enable new options on the report itself, these options are:

Here you can display the probability set up on each price model, hide it, or calculate income based on the probability set in each price model. In this case, the percentage will discount the original income, unless the probability is 100%

The Forecast report under Company > Forecast

This report is the same as the one in project level, the main difference between the two is the ability to select the grouping for the report, being able to select between "customer" , "price model" and project. You can also select the projects that are being displayed based on either customer or project tags:

Other features:

The report can be downloaded to excel both from project level and company level. Just click on the button on top right corner:

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