Invoice draft approval

Invoice draft approval allows, for example, a project owner to approve the draft invoice before it is completed and sent. This means that you can be sure from the project owner's side that the content of the invoice is correct.

If you make a change to an approved invoice draft, the approval status will be reset.

How to enable and use “Approve invoice draft” in Moment

Here we will show you how to enable “approval of invoice drafts” in Moment. We have made some tweaks and changes in order to improve security and workflow.

Settings for “use approval of invoice drafts” can be reached through:

Setup > settings > invoicing options > invoicing and access > Use approval of invoice drafts > choose yes (see illustration below).

When “approval of invoice drafts” is enabled the following option will appear next to the draft invoices:

If "Approve Draft" is still not visible in your Moment, it is either because you do not have the right access (We require "Financial insight" for access set per user), or it does not exist for your role. We will show you how to set this up if you do not have access to the level, or you do not want to give all relevant employees "Financial insight".

In case role based Access control is not activated in your Moment, this module can be activated by navigating to “Setup” > “Access control” and pressing the activate option (see illustration)

When access control is activated your page will look like this:

After “Use approval of invoice drafts” is enabled and access control is activated, the administrator can easily allocate control/rights over approving invoice drafts on Company level. (see illustration underneath). Hence, with this new update the option to enable “approval of invoice draft” is now easily accessible through Access control.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact our customer support in case of any queries regarding this function.

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