What data can be transferred with this integration?

Upon creating a new customer in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to DK+. Any changes made to a customer will trigger an update of the customer data.

Fields included: Customer name, customer number, customer status, organization number (SSN/Kennitala), phone number, address fields and country code.

Important to know

Moment = master. This means that the customer number and project number will be transferred to DK+. Do not change these numbers in DK+. Note!

For customers, be aware that payment term is currently not set when created. However this is planned for a future update.

For invoices, the organization number (SSN/Kennitala) is required. Moment will check this prior to sending invoices to DK+.

DK+ does not allow for the invoice number being set by Moment when an invoice is transferred. To compensate for this we recommend that Moment is configured to use same series as in DK+. Check Setup/Settings/General and the Number series section.

Usage of surcharge in Moment vs DK+. As DK+ does not have a separate field to store this value, Moment will transfer the invoice rows with the surcharge added, this will create rows where the quantity is the same as in Moment, however the unit price is the price after adding the surcharge.

An invoice line transferred from Moment to DK+ must include an item code. For this Moment uses the product number, if the line is linked to a product alternatively the accounting VAT code from the financial account selected for the invoice line. The accounting VAT code is not a required field, but all accounts that can be used should have this registered.

One-time configuration

To configure the integration, go to Setup/Settings/Integrations and click on the "New Integration" button in top right corner. Search for "dkPlus" in the list of integrations. Fill out the form.

  • Select the type of objects you want to transferred from Moment to DK+

    • Customers

    • Projects

    • Invoices By selecting invoices one must also specify a sales person to be set on all invoices. The number entered here must exist as Sales Person in DK+

  • Register an email address to receive error messages if something fails

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