Project expenses

In this tab you will be able to see all the project expenses (costs) registered on your projects. From this tab you will also be able to edit and register new expenses. On the right side you will be able to see the tab's own report filtering options such as billable and approval status.

In the example below we'll show you how to register a new expense:

Project expenses, like hours, must be set to accepted and be checked as billable in order to show up in to be invoiced.

There is also an option to batch change the status on expenses from to be included in total price to not included.

Importing expenses in bulk to Moment

Sometimes, it might be necessary to import expenses into Moment from a different system. It is fully possible to do this in Moment. First, enable "tools" in Moment. You can do this by going to setup > settings > general and then click on "enable"

This will make "tools" available under setup.

In Tools, you can scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see this small screen:

If you click on the field marked in green, an excel template will be downloaded. Fill out the required fields, and then upload it to this page. Then click "run".

If you are unsure whether the fields filled out are correct, you can test the template by uploading it to your database on Remember that this is your responsibility in case you upload incorrect files. Testing is highly recommended.

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