Uni Economy

What data can be transferred with this integration?

When a customer is created in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to Uni Economy. Any changes on a customer will also trigger a transfer from Moment to Uni Economy.

Fields included: customer name, customer number, organization number, email, website, address fields, phone number, fax number, currency code and country code.

Important to know

Moment = master. This means that the invoice number, customer number and project number will be transferred into Uni Economy. Do not change the numbers in Uni Economy.

In Uni Economy, the customer number must be numeric and in the range between 100000 to 199999.

In Uni Economy, the project number must be numeric. The integration will fail if you try add other characters than numbers in a project number in Moment.

Make sure your account numbers and vat codes are the same in Moment and Uni Economy.

One-time configuration

To enable Uni Economy integration requires two steps to be completed. The first step is to be done in Uni Economy, then afterwards in Moment.

Uni Economy

Prior to configuring integration in Moment, add Moment as an integration in Uni Economy. This is done through their marketplace

Search for "Moment Team" in their marketspace, in the integrations section.

Click on the "Les mer" link to read more about the integration and also to activate it.

When the integration has been activated in Uni Economy, continue the configuration in Moment.


Navigate to Setup / Settings / Integrations and click on the "New Integration" button. Search for Uni Economy.

In the dialog fill out the fields:

  • Company key: This can be found under the ? up in top right corner, select menu item "Systeminformasjon" (Screenshot below)

  • Add email address to get notification if anything fails

  • Select the data types you want to transfer.

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