In this article we will describe how to set up a co-worker's schedule and explain the way it works with other areas in Moment

What is the co-worker schedule

The co-worker schedule in Moment, will help you define the working hours that will be expected for the co-worker. By defining a schedule, Moment will be able to make correct calculations regarding the balance for banked hours. The schedule is also necessary for Moment to be able to calculate the availability of the co-worker for reservations and the capacity overview.

Setting up a co-worker schedule

A normal schedule for a co-worker with a full-time position with Monday through Friday defined as normal workdays will look like this:

You can click on "edit schedule" to set up the existent schedule.

By unticking the field "Until" Moment will automatically set the schedule as "current". You can also define hours for arrival and departure from work:

Because the schedule defines the working schedule and level of employment, it is the basis both for calculations in the balance of worked hours and the capacity overview.

When we have a look at reservations and see how these two areas are connected. In our example above we have a co-worker with a full time position. This is defined in the schedule and in reservations it will look like this:

Schedule and banked hours

The example above shows that the 7,5 hours defined for each day for the co-worker defines how the banked hours are calculated.

An important implication of this functionality is that it is important to maintain an accurate history of employment for the banked hours balance to be accurate. This topic is covered in depth in the following article:

pageWhy do my co-workers and I have too many/few banked hours?

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