To enable and configure SharePoint integration go to Setup -> Settings -> Integrations and click on the "+ New integration" button. Select "SharePoint" from the selection menu. The dialog shown below will be displayed, fill out the fields as described below it. A description on this dialog is found at the bottom of the page.

Before configuring the integration in Moment, there are some steps needed to be done in SharePoint/Azure.

Azure Active Directory

In Azure Active Directory there is a need to create application to be used for communication with SharePoint. From Azure collect the values to be stored in Tenant ID, Application ID (Client ID), Client Secret.

Read more about what to do and how to do it here.


In SharePoint there are also a few steps that should be done, especially if one want to take full advantage of tags etc.

See more on how to get the required information here.


The information gathered from the above two systems should now be used in the configuration dialog as seen above.

  • Enabled Check this to enable the integration.

  • Storage location name This is a descriptive name of the location that is used, currently not shown in the application.

  • Tenant ID From Azure AD, the Tenant ID found on the overview page

  • Application ID (Client ID) From Azure AD, the application ID from the overview page of application #1

  • Client Secret From Azure AD, the application password from application #1

  • Site ID From SharePoint, the site used as root.

  • Content Type ID From SharePoint, the content type used to be added in all libraries

  • Project template Project template can be used to define a set of folders that should be standard on all projects on SharePoint. By also checking the "Create folders for projects and activities", any project that are added to SharePoint will have a folder structure according to the activities/tasks set up in the selected template.

  • Various selections:

    • Create folders for projects and activities, as described in "Project template", when selected the folders will be created according to the selected template. The folders will remain even if all files with the folder should be deleted.

    • Allow download of files As a means of security, files that are stored on SharePoint will use SharePoint access settings when attempting to open the file. However, Moment offers a link to download files, and this would use the application to access files - and this have full access to all files. Recommended to be enabled when there is a need to have additional checks in SharePoint.

    • Synchronize files from Moment to SharePoint Read more about synchronization here. With this option enabled, files found in Moment that are not yet on SharePoint will be transferred.

    • Synchronize files from SharePoint to Moment Read more about synchronization here. With this option enabled, files found in SharePoint that have no record in Moment will be created in Moment Cloud and appear in Moment as a file.

    • Emails to notify Defined email address of whom to get an email when there are some errors.

Upon clicking the save button, the information needed to log in and to find the location/site defined will be checked. If not able to log in or find the site, the configuration can not be saved and the integration will not be enabled before the correct information is registered.

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