Transfer project data from Moment to Holte and make it easier to get started on your building application in Holte.

What data can be transferred with this integration?

On project main page, you can choose to transfer project data to Holte.

  • If the project does not exist in Holte, you will get the opportunity to automatically create the project it in Holte and transfer project data.

  • If the project already exists in Holte, you will get the opportunity to update project data in Holte.

For each update, you will be presented a list of fields that can be transferred. You can choose to tick off and on these fields, in order to control what you want to update in Holte.

Fields that can be updated: project number, project title, description, matrikkel data (kommunenummer, gårds-, bruksnummer, seksjons- og festenummer), street adress, zip code, city, country.

Important to know

For the integration to work you need to have a business account in Holte. The logged-in user in Moment must have user in Holte with the same username (business email address).

Moment = master. This means that project data will be transferred into Holte. Do not change project numbers in Holte.

One-time configuration

  • In Holte, go to your user > Settings > API Tokens > enter a name for the new token (for example 'Moment') and set expiration date (one year by default) > click Create Token.

  • In Moment, go to Setup > Settings > Integrations and add Holte. Add the API-token that you got from Holte (described in the step above).

  • Please make sure your project numbers are equal in Moment and Holte. Moment is masterdata for project data.

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