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What data can be transferred with this integration?

When a customer is created in Moment, it will be immediately transferred to PowerOffice Go. Any changes on a customer will trigger a transfer from Moment to PowerOffice Go. When an invoice is transferred, it will also include the customer, to ensure that the customer data is updated.

Fields included: customer name, customer number, organization number, contact email, invoice email address, address fields and country code.

Important to know

Moment = master. This means that the invoice number, customer number and project number will be transferred into PowerOffice Go. Do not change the numbers in PowerOffice Go.

Project number can't contain "." (period), as this is used for main project/sub project in PowerOffice Go. This is not supported.

If you need to trigger a transfer of customers and projects from Moment, the data will be transferred regardless of state (active, potential, inactive and so on). If you want to transfer more than one, separate by comma. This can be done here: Setup > Tools

Products are not being transferred to PowerOffice Go.

When accrual is enabled, Moment will include the period from the invoice line to define for what period this should be accrued. Not, this period can not be closed in PowerOffice Go. Accrued invoices where the period is closed will not be imported. To help with this issue, check out settings in the invoice line section (settings/preferences/invoicing#invoiceLines). The option "Accrual for invoice line" gives you some options on how to control the dates sent to PowerOffice Go.

One-time configuration

  • In PowerOffice Go: get your Client key. In PowerOffice Go, you will find this in Menu > Settings > Extensions > Add Extension. Select "Moment Prosjekt". Please contact PowerOffice Go support for questions if you need help. The final Client key must be entered and saved in the integration setup page in Moment: Setup > Settings > Integrations.

  • Your accounting plan in Moment must match the accounting plan in PowerOffice Go. For each account in Moment you need to set the external VAT code. This is a numeric value. If an invoice contains invoice lines that belongs to an account with missing VAT code, the export will fail.

  • Since invoicing is done in Moment, please set default delivery method to "Print/Utskrift" for customers in PowerOffice Go. This can be done in PowerOffice Go here: Meny > Innstillinger > Fakturainnstillinger > Fakturaleveringsmetode > Utskrift. (This setting applies to new customers, not existing). If delivery method is set to other than print, it will be required to add organization number (Vat number) on customer.

  • If you want to import expenses, please decide if you want all expenses to be set as billable be default. This can be overridden on the price model on each project.

  • Please make sure your account numbers and vat codes are equal in Moment and PowerOffice Go. Note! Moment uses 7746 as rounding account, by default in PowerOffice Go this is 7740. Update the account in Moment to be the same as defined in PowerOffice Go.

  • If you want department included on invoices, select how to get department information in Moment.

  • Please add the email address that will receive error messages if something fails.

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