Note! This page is for administrators and users with access to resources.

Licenses can be found in two locations, the first option listed will show you the licenses page directly, while the second page will show your plan and active subscriptions.

Setup > Settings > Licenses

Setup > Moment Plan (sub page)

In addition to licenses this page shows the subscriptions that are active.


Click on the number/Change text to get into the page showing more information regarding the resources and licenses that are being used.

The left side of the page shows a list of the registered resources and a checkbox to define if they are having access to log in. This also means they will require a license. By default only active resources are shown. Those resources listed in the section External consultants do not uses licenses.

At the top right on this page is a section named "Licenses". This shows how many licenses that you pay for and how many resources that are able to log in (use a licenses)

If the number of resources with log in access are less than licenses, the number of licenses can be reduced

Reduction of licenses

To reduce the number of licenses there are two options. The most common and recommended method is to go to Settings > General for the resource that no longer will be active. Click on the red button "Terminate user account". You will be asked to define what was their last work day. When submitted the resource will no longer be active and number of licenses is automatically deducted.

If you do not use the above method, the licenses must be reduced manually.

Make changes to the list of resources as needed, click on the "Edit" link to the right. You will now be able to edit number of licenses. Write the correct number and click "Save"

New licenses

Adding licenses can be done in two ways.

  1. As described for reduction of licenses. Edit the current number and write total number of licenses required.

  2. By adding a new co-worker, if there are no available licenses, you will be informed that the licenses will be increased.


Below the section of licenses there is as history of how licenses has been added and reduced. At what time and from/to number of licenses.


The changes done on this license page are the source of how your invoice will be adjusted for the next invoicing period. Any changes that has occurred since previous invoice will be used to calculate the adjustment that will be included in the next invoice.

By keeping your license usage updated as your needs changes, your invoices will be more precise every time.

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