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This page contains Key Performance Indicators of your performance.
Hours per month
Worked throughout the year
Time Spent
Non-Billable Time
These are the total hours logged for a month. You can always check your hours report to compare the numbers if in doubt.
This is the accumulated rate of hours worked. That is added month by month to a grand total for each year.
This shows the number of absences registered for each month. The diagram shows the absence types in different colors. If you want to review the absences, you can try looking at your own absence report under "My Pages"
This diagram shows the amount of time spent in each project you have worked on.
This diagram shows your non-billable time (hours registered on activities with price models set to non-billable) for each month. Similar statistics can be found in the "Billable time report" under Company > Billable time report. If you don't have access to this report due to access rights, ask your supervisor for this info if you need to corroborate.