Configuration to be done within SharePoint

There are two things that needs to be gathered from SharePoint, these are the Site ID and the Content Type ID to be used.

To get the Site ID there are two options, only one of these will be done from within SharePoint.

Site ID

The Site ID can be found by navigating to the site in the web browser. Right click the page and select "View Page Source" from the menu.

In the source shown, search for "siteId" and locate the UUID that is found after this. Copy this.

Content Type

The configuration of the Content Type can be found here.

Get the content type ID from the created content type to be used in the integration configuration.

Note! If it's planned to use content type, it's recommended to implement a content type prior to configuring the integration, and include this as part of the initial configuration. Adding a content type at a later date will not retroactively update existing libraries. It will only affect libraries created after it was added to the configuration.

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