is one of newest accounting systems from Visma. Currently there is support for export of invoices, this also includes customers and projects.

Export configuration

  • Include all new customers and projects

    Active to include all new customers and projects as part of the export.

    By default, the file, only customers and projects related to the invoices will be included.

  • Export customers to accounting Customers will be included in the file

  • Export projects to accounting Project will be included in the file

  • Field name for projects Define the table used for projects in your Visma Business

  • Field name for external project number The field used for external project number.

  • Add extra new line after header Insert extra line between header and data in the file

  • Allow export of invoice basis from To be invoiced Include data from To be invoiced

  • Client ID for exporting to accounting system Customer ID in Visma Business, this should be the number for your company in Visma Business.

Visma Business has 8 additional fields to be configured:

Configuration of export is to be done following the standard configuration.

Export configuration

Details to pay attention to when importing your file to Visma Net

  • Select UTF-8 in the export template settings.

  • If you choose to use comma as delimiter, make sure you embrace words, for example customer address, with "".

  • If you choose decimals with dot (not comma), you must choose English format on import.

  • First column, InvoiceType, can stay "Invoice" (static). The negative amount will determine if it is a creditnote, during the import.

  • Do not open the exported file in external system and save the file. That may ruin the encoding when doing the import.

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