Payment ID

Payment ID is an ID/code added to the invoice for easily matching invoices in the bank system.

When generating an invoice with a payment ID and this is paid, it can use the payment ID to find the correct invoice.


Payment ID can be found as part of invoice settings. Go to the section OCR number

Enable the option "Use OCR number on invoices" to activate the function.

Fill out the fields regarding format according to your agreement - read more about this for your specific country.

Additional options are regarding payments. Activate according to your needs and wishes. Payments should be registered and on manually added payments there should be a description entered.

Payment ID

The field named OCR number format is used to configure the payment ID itself, use the abbreviations below and add a number after it to defined number of digits it should consist of.


Moment uses a number of abbreviations to define what value to use in the payment ID

  • INV - used for the invoice number. Add number of digits.

  • CLI - used for the customer number. Add number of digits.

  • TYPE - used for the type of invoice. 1 for invoice and 3 for credit note.

  • COM - used for static numeric value. Add the number after.

  • ISSUE - used for invoice date. Format used DDMMYY

Norway - KID

To use KID number, an agreement with the bank/NETS must be set up. The agreement will state what size/length the KID number will be along with what modulus is to be used to calculate the control number. Moment support modulus 10 only, be aware of this.

Based on the agreement, this can be configured in Moment.

Fill out the OCR number format field with the abbreviations above as needed.

Examples can be found here.

Denmark - FIK

To use FIK number, an agreement with your bank to take part in the Det Fælles Indbetalingssystem. This agreement will contain the data required to generate the FIK, a "kortart" and "kreditornummer". These will be part of the FIK when included on the invoice.

The FIK consists of a prefix that contains the "kortart" then a section with the actual payment ID and finally a suffix that contains the "kreditornummer", looking like this:


Configuration of this is two part, where one first select the values to be used in the payment ID, using the abbreviations mentioned above. The second part is to put this together with the kortart and kreditornummer.

Fill out the OCR number format field with your payment ID and then add kortart and kreditornummer before and after in the Optional display format on invoice field

Examples can be found here.

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