Content Type

To create content type in SharePoint, follow the description found here.

NOTE! Any objects created in SharePoint will be saved with their name, the name can not be changed. Any changes to an object will only change the display name.

Open the SharePoint admin center. Open the menu item "Content services" and click on the "Content type gallery" (1) menu item.

When this is opened, click on the "Create content type" (2)

A drawer will appear on the right hand side with a form to be filled out. Give the content type a name and add a description if you want to do so.

These are the settings to define:

  • Category

    • Use an existing category

    • Name

      • Custom Content Types

  • Parent content type

    • Parent category

      • Document Content Types

    • Content type

      • Document

When this is done, click the "Create" button at the bottom of the drawer.

The content type will be created showing the default columns that are included in a document type.

Next step now is to add the columns that should be included/used.

Click on the "Add site column" and select "Create new site column"

The columns used by Moment are these:

These are described in details by clicking the links

When all is done, the content type can be published.

Click the "Publish" option in the menu row, this will open the drawer on the right.

By default this is set to "Publish", leave this and click "Save"

When the content type is published, it may take some time before this is available in your SharePoint instance, as the update is not always instant.

The next step is to add the content type to the site being used for Moment.

Go to the site, click on Site Content in the menu on the left. From here click on "Site Settings" showing to the top right. This will open up a page with a number of links. Locate "Site content types". Clicking this will show a list of content types. Locate the content type you want. check the "Source" column (right most), if this shows the name of your site - it's OK. If this shows Content Type Hub, the content type must be added to your site. Do this by selecting the content type in the list, then click "Create content type", the dialog shows the name of selected content type. Now name this the same as the original name and click "Create", you will get an error message about dublicate - but the list now shows the content type as part of your site.

After completing the registration, copy the content type ID from the page and paste this into the configuration dialog in Moment. Just give SharePoint time to update itself.

Note! It's recommended to implement a content type prior to configuring the integration, and include this as part of the initial configuration. Adding a content type at a later date will not retroactively update existing libraries. It will only affect libraries created after it was added to the configuration.

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