How do hours in activities from an offer show in Moment's capacity overview?

Moment's powerful offer modules gives the possibility to send offers to customers that include custom "packages" of working hours attached to either tasks or activities (phases). Understanding the way in which those packages of activities can potentially influence the company's capacity, is an important way of keeping good track of your company's resources. In this article I will show one way to keep track of available hours capacity when you have made an offer to a customer.

An offer that includes activities with included hours.

As an example we can start with an offer in which certain activities are included. A certain amount of hours, with a given unit price hav been included as part of the offer:

Here we can see that a pack of 32,27 hours is included in the activity. Let's assume that this offer is accepted by the customer. How do these hours affect the company's capacity?

If we assume that a project has been made based on this offer, either manually or by using Moment's built in functionality (the activities will be transferred to the new project automatically).

As we can see from the screenshot, the hours from the offer have been transferred to the activity as estimated hours. However these hours are still not planned or "reserved" in any way. to be able to show them as part of the company's capacity overview you will need to use the project plan.

Using the project plan to reserve hours

By using the project plan to plan the hours, we are effectively reserving these hours as well and hence changing the capacity overview. Let's have a look at the co-worker's reservations looks like.

As you can read in the project plan article, entries in the project plan will automatically be transferred to the reservations page. In this case we have planned 30 hours across three weeks for one co-worker in one activity. How will this look in the reservations page? (projects > reservations)

These are the same hours that we registered in the project plan. How does this affect the capacity view?

As we can see from the GIF above. By going to the capacity overview, after making sure our project has status "offer" and using the appropiate filter settings, we can see that the capacity overview show 30 hours across 3 weeks have been "taken" by our project.

This means that in order for Moment to properly show the effects of a project based on an offer on the capacity of the company, some steps need to be taken before this shows correctly. However this process is simple if the project plan is used effectively as an integral part of your project management strategy.

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