Activate Business Central integration

Navigate to the the integrations page under Setup > Settings. At the top right of the , click on +New integration button. A dialog will be appearing, in the selection box search for "Business Central". Select this from the list

The configuration dialog expands to show the options to be configured.


The first four fields are required and are used to connect to Business Central.

  • Tenant ID: This is the ID for the company, this can be found in the URL when logged in Business Central

  • Client Secret: This is the password used to connect, contact support or integrations-dev to get this generated.

  • Environment: Business Central has two environment, Production and Sandbox, write the name of the environment to connect to. This too can be

  • Company name: Name of the company within the environment, write the name as it is shown in Business Central.

  • Note! The company name can sometimes contain URL encoded characters. E.g. %20, this is the same as a blank space ( ). %2F is the same as slash (/). More information on what the various characters look like when URL encoded can be read here.

Data objects

Having configured the credentials, the next part would be to activate what parts of the integration to use.

  • Export customers To transfer customers that are created in Moment to Business Central, select this checkbox.

  • Export projects To transfer projects that are created in Moment to Business Central, select this checkbox.

  • Export invoices To transfer invoices that are created in Moment to Business Central, select this checkbox.

  • Import expenses To transfer expenses that are posted in Business Central to Moment, select this checkbox

Export customers

When enable transfer of customers, the dialog will show four more fields that must be configured.

These fields are used to set correct company/customer group for a customer in Business Central, based on the customer's invoice address. (Domestic/Abroad)

These refer to "Gen. Business Posting Groups" and "Customer Posting Groups" in Business Central.

Export projects

When enable transfer of projects, the dialog will show one additional field that must be configured.

Select the dimension that should be used for project. These are based of what's configured under General Ledger Setup in Business Central.

Export invoices

When enable transfer of invoices, the dialog will expand and show one more field to be configured. This field is used to define what dimension is used for department, as with project it relates to the configuration in General Ledger Setup.

When having selected the dimension, one are given the option to configure how department are defined in Moment, by the department object or by the use of a project tag group. Select based on the configuration selected in Moment.

Import expenses

When enable transfer of expenses, the dialog will expand and show three more fields to be configured.

  • From date: Defined the furthest back in time to get expenses from Business Central

  • Expense activity: Write the name of the activity that shall be used for importing expenses. This activity is added to the projects when needed.

  • Imported expenses will be set as billable: Select this to have all expenses available to be invoiced. Any expenses that should be opposite of what's selected here must be changed manually.


To be notified about any occurrences that will take place, select the user(s) that should get a notification. If the recipient is not registered in Moment as a user, this can be added by using their email address.


Need to keep notes about the integration, these can be stored here.

Save configuration

When saving the configuration, Moment will verify the credentials. These may take some time, while this is being done you will be informed at the top of the screen.

When done it shows "Created" or "Updated" (if save changes)

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