VAT Settings

Transfer of invoices from Moment makes use of the order and order lines in Tripletex.

Every invoice create in Moment creates an order in Tripletex and the invoice lines are registered as order lines.

Upon completion of creating the order and order lines, this is in turn converted into an invoice.

If, at some point, the transfer of an invoice is failing the order will be left. Prior to transfer invoice again the order must be deleted manually.

The creation of order lines requires a setting of what type of VAT rates should be available. By default, only sales inside the VAT Act is selected. Select any additionally required types that is used for your company.


In Tripletex check the configuration for VAT settings under accounts settings.

Navigate to this in the Accounts section and the "Settings" menu item.

When the page is loaded, switch to the VAT settings tab. Her, select the options that are correct for you.

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